Company Profile
The following is a partial list of clients with whom Selog has established a reputable working

  • Regional Municipality of Peel
  • Regional Municipality of Durham
  • Regional Municipality of Halton
  • Regional Municipality of Niagara
  • Regional Municipality of York
  • City of Toronto
  • City of Guelph
  • Municipality of North Middlesex
  • Municipality of Temagami
  • Municipality of Machin
  • Municipality of Port Hope
  • Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula
  • Township of Southgate
  • Township of Mapleton
  • Township of Erin
  • Township of Severn
  • County of Brant
  • Canadian National Exhibition

Selog offers its clients highly qualified professionals capable of providing the following services:

  • PLC & SCADA programming/networking services
  • Preliminary design, detailed engineering and consulting services
  • Project Management start up and commissioning services
  • Emergency repair service
  • On site maintenance services for repair and calibration of clients equipment
  • Long and short term contracted manpower services
  • Customized P.M.  Programs: a detailed survey of clients, equipment and designing
    programs to fit client's needs
  • Supply manpower to execute the necessary work
  • Scheduled contract maintenance programs
  • CSA approval shop & In house fabrication of panels
  • Customized training programs for client personnel

Recent amendments to Ontario's Environmental Protection Act have put into place more
stringent regulations pertaining to effluent from industrial facilities and other sources. These
new laws have emphasized the importance of the continual and accurate monitoring of such

Selog has the expertise to handle all your flow monitoring requirements including: liquid flow
studies, flow system maintenance, inline flowmeter calibration, flow balancing, pump efficiency
and trunk main studies. Selog has the versatility to monitor a wide variety of liquids in pipes,
weirs, flumes and/or channels. We also provide comprehensive and accurate reports and print
outs in data formats for your needs including: data logging,  strip chart logging and flow
Construction Capability

The construction capability of Selog is based upon people with proven track records in the
industry and upon management techniques drawn from the combined experiences of our own
and the associated companies. The construction supervisory staff includes people with
expertise in projects ranging from the detailed planning and execution of crash programs on
process shut down, to the large and complex plants for the hydrocarbon and chemical process

The capability of any constructing group, as we see it, is not only to provide the skills necessary
to preform the work in time and at a acceptable cost but also to know at all times where the
project stands in terms of cost, schedule, and to project the final figures accurately.

Constructions management, as provided by our company, entails the direction and supervision
of labour, monitoring and control of quality, cost and schedules, and the handling, allocation
and disbursement of material. Within these terms of reference we carry on continuing basis,
superintendents, field and cost engineers, planners, material men, craft supervisors,
inspectors, filed accountants and labour relation specialist. Using selected people from this
core group, we are in a position to meet the staffing requirements of several projects of various
sizes at any time.

Of the numerous management functions involved, we have been placing increasing emphasis
on the control of construction labour costs. This  is particularly important since the current
trend is towards project cost escalation.

We believe, based on practical experience, the control starts with a continuous measurement
of productivity against clearly defined targets or budgets. The supervision must be  encouraged
to think and plan in these terms and that the information necessary for measurement must
come from within the work group rather than be to this end. Our staff has direct and practical
experience in using the techniques in the field and who have done so with marked success on
several recent projects.
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